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othering the self

and treating myself with kindness

Referential distinctions

some dichotomies in the philosophy of language

already home

basta’t makasama ka / ako’y nakauwi na

thoughts on sparc

summarizing an unsummarizable summer camp

Emails I’ve received

i reply to people

change can’t save you

notes to self

Clouds over Rochester

total (lack of a) solar eclipse

Indirect pursuits

a list of vaguely related things

Personal holidays

why i celebrate them

i can’t be cool if

i want to be cool

Puzzlehunts and institutions

on the MIT Mystery Hunt 2024

cromulence: a small word frequency library

fitting a dictionary in the browser

Blending life together

and watching what’s coming out

contemplating envy

and the complexities of being appreciated

a covid christmas

in case you’re wondering why i’m posting so much

Things I enjoyed reading in 2023

year 5 of pretending i read

A type-checking square dance puzzle

parsers! types! combinatorics!

Non-compositionality of square dance calls

of course there’s math in square dancing

Crying in the subway

why are you crying?

the day-to-day

on (lack of) job satisfaction

chasing dragons

are things getting better?

Declarative programming as mindset

hint: it’s not about map/filter/reduce

day jobs

the long answer to “how’s work?”

overly subjective restaurant reviews

imagine reviewing restaurants based on food lol

motivated to write

questions to answer about writing