Infinite Ascent.

by CJ Quineson

Emails I’ve received

i reply to people

On the contact page of my site, I say that I read and reply to all emails I get. I think this is close to true, at least for my email. Here’s all the emails I got in the last year, by category:

  • Automated: got 49, replied to 0.
  • Appreciation: got 9, replied to 9. These are great. I print all of them, then eat the printouts.
  • Corrections: got 3, replied to 3.
  • Questions:
    • about college: got 2, replied to 2.
    • about competitive math or programming: got 7, replied to 6. The one email I didn’t reply to had no subject, and a body that had a single screenshot of a geometry problem. What did they want?
    • about math: got 1, replied to 1.
    • about programming: got 4, replied to 4.
    • about writing: got 5, replied to 5.
    • asking me to speak at an event: got 1, replied to 1. I said no as I had a conflict.
    • asking for an interview: got 2, replied to 2. I said yes to both.
    • asking for permission to use something I wrote: got 1, replied to 1. The answer’s always yes, with attribution.
  • Recruitment: got 6, replied to 3. The ones I replied were the ones that felt personal.
  • Saying hi: got 6, replied to 6. These are also great.
  • Spam: got 419, replied to 0.

Anyway, if you’ve thought about sending an email but were feeling shy or something, please send an email! I read and reply, and I’ve got a track record to prove it.